Thursday, January 8, 2009

From a story on life and troubles in public housing. This story is very, very hard to shoot. First it's physically difficult, not even counting the potential danger of crime (actually low), in that a lot of people in public housing do not want to be photographed. Who could blame them.
And frankly, it is young black men who should be the center of these stories, and they are the most resistant to the idea. I snuck this shot during a block party.
Any amateur can go into the projects and take arty pictures of poor black kids smiling shyly at the camera. What kind of story does a picture like that say? Are we saying that black people in public housing are essentially children? That's the message that comes across.
The young men, the ones we are most afraid of, that is the story we as an industry fail to tell. We are afraid to even admit we are afraid.