Saturday, December 30, 2006

Shot this in the first week of '06. I was on my way to a high school hockey game when I saw the black smoke start in a parking lot. I'd given up going to auto fires, because by the time it comes over the scanner it's probably already been extinguished.But here I was as the fire started, and had to wait for the fire department to get there. The driver said the car "just started smoking", and then lit up.
See, I like this picture because, as corny as it sounds, I like covering fire fighters. They really do rush in when everyone else beats it, and this guy lugging a line in front of a blazing engine that could explode any second really clinches that for me. It's just a dumb engine fire, happens everyday. But everyday these guys do this crazy job, lugging themselves into crazy danger. I know thats really going out on a limb, "firefighters are good", but y'know. They are.