Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A woman whose mother was murdered in 1988, talks about the sentencing of a man for that crime and two other murders. At right is the State's Attorney. This was a somewhat routine press conference that got very emotional. The murderer was already in prison for life for another crime, and even though the state wanted the death penalty the families of the victims didnt want to spend 20 years trying to get it done. So they settled for his admitting to the murders, I guess the word is closure but I don't know if it's even possible in this case. When someone breaks down like this in front of me, I find it difficult to raise the camera and do my job. I try and empathize with my subjects, to get into their worlds and tell their story from the inside out. Then I find myself here, in a world of grief and pain, and to take the shot feels like taking on a shadow of that feeling, if only for a second. But if she is brave enough to stand there and tell her story, I need to be brave enough to capture it.