Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Minutes after his swearing in, Governor Martin O'Malley and his wife Katie O'Malley leave the state house through a gauntlet of various state police officers and troopers on their way to the Inauguration Parade.
I found this spot during the previous governors inauguration. After the media frenzy of the swearing in, on a large stage surrounded by preening dignitaries, freezing cops, frostbitten reporters, cyclopean photographers, and cheering supporters, the new first couple walk through the state house and out the back. It's not a staged media event, they just have to get down to the street to watch their parade. So two lines of police formed, and they walked by hand in hand. I like to think that this was the moment when it finally sinks in for any new governor, when all of their sacrifice and work pays off. I was the only photographer there. And even though the exposure maybe isn't the best I still like it best out of all I shot that day.