Saturday, January 8, 2011

The hilarious airport security protest. Yeah, nude x-rays, whatever. You remember.This meme was the talk of the news monster for days before Thanksgiving, and from NPR on down to little old us no one was man enough to stand up to it.So I ended up at the airport with a reporter to cover the big protest, and found this one (1) guy. A guy who identified himself as a "libertarian activist".We asked him if he was even talking to travelers, and he admitted that he'd spent most of the day talking to reporters like us. So I shot low and made a lot of space around him. I loathe this kind of journalism, if that's even the word for it. An echo box of idiots, "reporting" on what was "reported" by a "reporter" who was either too lazy to see through a sham press release or even worse had a hand in the deception. And like I have a choice at this point, but I'd shoot a thousand tiny true local stories then one more of these big media fakebook orgies.