Saturday, January 8, 2011

A few years ago I spent an afternoon working this same location and idea, but did not get a shot as great as this. It pays to return sometimes. Funny aside, this is from a bridge overlooking the Naval Academy. I saw this rowboat coming my way from about a quarter mile off, and booked across the bridge to get in the right spot. About the minute the boat rows into the sweet spot, a carload of armed and camouflaged Navy MP's pull up next to me, and politely ask me exactly what I am doing. A little paranoid of them perhaps, but you never know. But I needed to shoot right now! So I stayed with the shot, leaning over the side and shooting straight down, all the while giving the MP's my "I'm just a newspaper photographer" spiel. I guess it worked, I must have looked either like a bad ass professional or a harmless nut. They thanked me and went on their way, and the shot ran big and bold on the front a few slow news days later.