Saturday, January 8, 2011

A carny prepares a deep fried twinkie at a rural county fair. I was wandering the fair, one I'd shot before, and not finding much of interest. Some of the guys working the booths called me over,and I got the standard "Hey, take my picture!". Photojournalists get this all the time, and I think we all handle it differently. I always take the picture. Its usually not a good shot, but it gives you an opening. I talked with the guys for a while, get their names, asked them about carny life. I moved on, and about an hour later I saw one of them working in his food booth. Since I knew him, and he knew me, I could just start shooting without making a big deal of it. He knew I was there, but I was already part of the environment, so he didnt play it up. Its not a masterpiece or anything, but its another portrait of someone working for their living, someone we usually never give a second glance.