Sunday, January 9, 2011

A combat wounded vet helps a one legged comrade up a steep bridge in a bike ride for "wounded warriors". I ran like hell to get this shot, the start of the ride was under the bridge so I shot that and then tore up the hill and halfway over the bridge with a long lens to get the compression of riders I was looking for.
I forced myself to get to the race about half an hour early, so I could shoot some pre ride preparations. I wanted to talk with the riders as well. I don't want to feel like I'm profiting off of their injuries, or exposing them for thrills. I think I've seen a weird feeling come over people when it comes to wounded soldiers, not really a kind of ecstasy and certainly not joy, but maybe enjoying their pride for the soldiers too much? Is that possible, or is it a byproduct of my own guilt on the subject? Because, and lets face it, I'm there with a camera because of their injuries. No one is sending me to cover psych meetings at the VA hospital. But I felt the least I could do was sit on a curb with them, chat about the weather and where they were from, and look them in the eyes.