Monday, January 3, 2011

A reflection of college lights on the creek at night. Earlier that day I'd been invited to see a gallery show of a legendary local newspaper photographer, Aubrey Bodine, and some of that was probably still swimming around when I made this shot. The day this photo ran as lead art I was at an ice rink making more stand alone features, when I looked over and saw the mayor had come over to talk with me. Wanted to tell me how much he liked this photo. I thanked him, and that was about it. Now, I don't mean to make a lot of this, I work for a small town daily paper and its probably his job to know me. But that was pretty cool. A lot of people like these kind of photos, and I like them too. It's still an insane, self destructive business, American journalism, but for whatever reason I still have a foot in that door, a stake in the game. I'm lucky to have been given the chance to contribute.
And as always, lucky to have had your attention. Thanks.