Sunday, January 9, 2011

That one big snow.
The first shot is funny, we knew the blizzard was going to strike late Friday night. But our deadline for the Saturday paper is early Friday night. I needed to shoot a photo of the blizzard before the blizzard hit. So I waited downtown, nervously watching the light dim, before this couple crossed the street in the gathering flurries. We went with a shot of snow plows, but I felt this was the stronger image. A little tribute to classic Annapolis photographer Marion Warren in there as well.
And after digging out myself, I found this man just as he finally reached the street from his farmhouse, two days after the storm had passed. Like the look of determination on his face.
Plus a fun snowball fight, shot with a longer lense against a snow covered hill, the combatants seem to be paper cutouts on a white wall.